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Frameless Glass Shower Doors Installation, Repair or Replacement in Virginia, Washington DC & Maryland

Frameless or seamless shower doors are ideal for homeowners who have an eye on aesthetics. The more attractive of the two options, frameless doors can be easily cut into custom designs to fit an array of door openings and spaces. Moreover, seamless glass shower doors will show off any beautiful tiling, custom shelving, and other attractive features. However, one possible downside is that their complex design and installation requirements make for a more expensive project.

Frameless shower door enclosures minimize the amount of metal used to hold the system panels and door in place. By minimizing the use of metal framing you can create a showcase for your tile or stone. Virginia Glass Pro measures and fabricates all heavy glass enclosures specifically for your shower, insuring the best possible fit and design. Frameless features no framing on the door glass; however, there could be framing on the sidewalls, bottom, and top depending on the style of the door.

Our range of frameless shower enclosures offers the ultimate in modern design. Simply walk into the liberating, door free environment for a truly open shower experience. All our frameless shower enclosures feature 8mm thick tempered glass, the thickest in our range. This sturdy glass is heard-wearing and very resistant to breaking. Combine your frameless shower enclosure with a shower tray easily, or combine it with a tile floor to create your own wetroom.

We start by evaluating your space in your home. Our design professional will work with you to provide a design and layout that maximizes the look and functionality of your entire bathroom. Because of our expertise, we can offer design ideas and dramatic touches others simply never consider. Our teams are able to accommodate any architectural restriction to deliver you a truly unique design that complements your decour and elevates the style of your home.

We begin by meeting with you to understand your Custom frameless Shower Door vision. We then develop a series of designs that increasingly hone the concept into a product that we can confidently install and ensure will function as beautifully as it looks. Finally, we can walk through the variety of options available to give you the elegance and functionality you want in your shower for years to come. So call us today to set up an appointment for a free estimate at (202) 492-0676.

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